Custom character Your Choice


  • Measured from top of base to top of head
  • Want size a little different? No problem, please write below!
  • Need entirely other scale? Please mail us!

Major scale adjustment? Please contact us before purchase!



We offer the unique opportunity for you as a customer to choose uniform and pose, as long as you provide us with enough reference material. Customers who purchase this option will receive 1 (one) free copy of his or her selected pose in the selected scale, further copies will be sold at normal prices. If you do not desire any special pose we will decide the pose.

Design, production and delivery times vary, but expect at least 2-3 weeks before completion. All custom work will be sold in the webshop at normal prices, this means sales of your figure will help us create further poses and expand our ranges. If you want your figure pose to be unique and not sold to the public and only available to you this is also an option.

Reference material should be sent by email to info (at)

Please note that the price is for one infantry, cavalry or gun crew figure in jacket or coat, for bigger and more complicated custom work please contact us at above email address. 


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