Coffee wagon with crew

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  • Measured from top of base to top of head
  • Want size a little different? No problem, please write below!
  • Need entirely other scale? Please mail us!

If the picture of the figure shows a base, then the figure will come with a base unless you request otherwise. If no base is shown in the picture, then you will need to request a base on the figure if you would like one.


Major scale adjustment? Please contact us before purchase!

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4 miniature and wagon.


1 review for Coffee wagon with crew

  1. Michael Toole (verified owner)

    I have been building a 1/48 or US “O” scale train diorama for some time. Probably like most modelers, I gather and collect parts as I find them One major problem was finding ACW troops/figures in the proper scale. How close is 28mm to the 1/48 scale? (It is not) Questions and more questions. But then I found this company, Speira Miniatures. They have many figures of both sides of the war and many that can be adapted as needed. But straight out of the box, these are really great, no fuss, no muss, just about ready to paint.
    All of the parts are flash free, highly and cleanly detailed with great scale resolution. Also, you can not only request various scales, you can request changes in the figures appearance. Hat/no hat/different hat, beard/no beard, a bit fatter, just about anything you might need.
    I HIGHLY recommend the products from this company. This coffee wagon is a prime example of a little modeled item, available in many scales and produced just about perfectly. The photos and computer drawings do not do the actual items justice. You will like them a lot and build your project with them. I am ordering more!

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