Carthaginian War Elephant advancing with Alternative Tower and accessories


  • Measured from top of base to top of head
  • Want size a little different? No problem, please write below!
  • Need entirely other scale? Please mail us!

Major scale adjustment? Please contact us before purchase!

SKU: _CARTH Elefant_Carthaginian_h-_37_mm_(repaired)_v6_stright_head_hollow + _CARTH_wooden-tower-Armor_repaired + _CARTH_en rad shields bows etc Category: Tags: , , , , , , ,


Carthaginian War elephant with tower and quivers, mahout or crew is not included

Based the size on estimates of being smaller than the Indian (and smaller than the African plains elephants). The height of the model is aprox 37 mm to the withers at 1/72 scale, if you want another height please contact us before ordering or leave a note with your order.

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28mm, 1/72, 18mm, 6mm


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